Get to know me.

Hello! My name is Rachel Williams. It's nice to meet you!

I am a passionate photographer from St. Louis, Missouri, and I've always loved taking pictures. When my Canon Rebel crashed into a creek during the Great American Eclipse of 2017 (in DeSoto, Missouri, the center of the totality! ) I replaced it with a Fuji X-T-2 and my hobby became my life. I began taking pictures of everything and anything, trying different styles ranging from bright and loud to dark and moody, whatever it took to capture a feeling. Because that's what I think a good photograph should do, make you feel.

I love working with high school seniors and having the opportunity to capture that amazing moment in life when anything seems possible. Showing them how good they look and helping them understand how proud they should be is something special.

Alongside senior portraits, my second main photographic interest is equine and pet portraiture. I know that a horse is more than a pet, they are a partner and a family member too. There is something special about the human-horse relationship, and love working with St. Louis horse owners to capture that relationship in the most beautiful and elegant way possible.

As well as being a photographer I am also a practicing veterinarian in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been working in a professional capacity with animals and their people for 12 years now, and I love every minute! I am currently Fear-Free Certified in small animal practice and am working on my certification for equine Fear-Free. What this means is I am specially trained in handling animals in a way that keeps the fear out of visiting the vet. My training also helps me to increase you and your animal's comfort during a photo session. I work with treats, toys and gentle compassion and patience in order to capture the photos I need.

Let's tell your story.

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